June/July 2020

  • June 28th

    Title, “The final orders”

    As the commander and leader of the Israelites, Joshua is now in his elderly years. But before he breaks camp, he has some final orders for the people. Joshua wants to remind the people to remember what the Lord has done for them and to serve Him with all of their hearts. Jesus also gave us these orders, “Now go and teach them what I have taught you” We’re going to learn how we can teach our families how to remember wha God does for us and how to follow Him.

  • July 5th

    Title: “In our difficult times, God is with us”

    In these uncertain times where our lifestyle has changed drastically, how can we know, that God is with us. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son whom his father made a beautiful colorful robe for to signify this. He was the son destined to be the head of the family and everything was going well for his live. But in a moment’s time, his live changed. He was stripped of his robe, sold by his loved ones, entered into slavery and carried off into a strange land. Imagine the thoughts going through joseph’s head. We’re going to learn through Joseph’s experience of how we know God is with us; even through our difficult times of this pandemic.

  • July 12th

    Special Speaker: Kahu Alex Pacheco


  • July 19th

    Title: “Faithful living”

    As we experience one of the greatest tragedies in years with this Corona Virus, it’s easy for us to become worrisome, troubled and stray away from our faith in God. But remaining faithful to God helps us not to be irritated and worried and fall away from

    our beliefs. We’re going to learn through Joseph how he persevered through His difficult times by living a faithful life.