October/November 2020

  • Oct. 18th

    Title: Choosing Our Leaders Wisely

    As we get closer to Election Day, we have to be concerned of who will be our political leaders of our nation, our state and county. And if we’re so concerned: then we should be exercising our civil right and duty to vote for our leaders. We all have a voice that matters and if we don’t do our homework to know who our political candidates are and what they stand for and vote wisely, then we may regret who our leaders are. We’re going to learn how we can take some practical advice from a man named Jethro on how we can choose our leaders wisely.

  • Oct. 25th

    Series: Unity, staying connected as the Church

    Title: The problem with unity and the path to unity.

    In our reading, Paul tells us to, “keep the unity of the Spirit” which tells us that unity can easily be forfeited. So unity must be a fragile thing. We’re going to look at the problem of unity and we’ll look into finding the pathway to true unification.

  • Nov. 1st

    Series: Unity, staying connected as the Church

    Title: “Where unity began”

    As we learn how to maintain unity as the church through these unstable times, we must first look at where unification first began. Through our reading, Paul reveals to us where true unity is first found. We’re going to discover true unification through Our Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit of God, as they are one in all.

  • Nov. 8th

    Special speaker: Kahu Emma Chong

    Title: The King Is Among Us

    When Jesus died, God tore the temple veil from top to bottom. The torn veil allows us to see and experience the blessing behind the veil. By the Blood of the New Covenant we can move beyond the veil into the very presence of the Almighty Father. The King is among us.

  • Nov. 15th

    Special Speaker: Kahu Alex Pacheco

    Title; “Faithfulness”

    Life is a series of ups and downs. We all know the highs are so good and the lows are so painful and so there is something within us that just wants to hang on to the highs. But let me ask you – is it possible to stay on a high? No, it’s not. You’ll find that even the bible is a parade of highs and lows. Here’s what I know, Jesus, no matter what , stayed faithful to God in the highs and the lows, and it’s in the highs and the lows that we will learn to become like Jesus.

    Today, we are going to talk about faithfulness. Faithfulness to God, faithfulness to your spouse, faithfulness to your promises. As always I believe this will be a timely message that we can all apply. Together lets learn how we can become more like Jesus to stay faithful no matter what.