New Series

“Behold, The Lamb of God”

As we approach the season of Christmas, we’re going to learn the truth of what the season is all about. Many teach their children that it’s about Santa or Rudolf, the red nose reindeer, or gifts under a decorated tree. Although we can try to justify our reasons, the truth has to be told of why we celebrate Christmas, It because of the Lamb of God who was sent to save the world. We’re going to look into the Lamb of God who was promised, prepared, provided, praised and presented for our eternity, once and for all.

  • Dec 1, 2019

    Behold, A Lamb Promised

    Speaker: Kahu Emma Chong

    As Adam and Eve lived in a perfect environment in the Garden of Eden, they soon come face to face with evil, the serpent of old. The serpent tricks Eve to eat of the fruit of Good and Evil and Eve entices Adam to do the same. Sin has now entered the world and death is the result. But in the mist of the chaos, we get a glimpse of the Gospel and the first promise of the coming of the Lamb of God who will save the world.   

  • Dec 8th

    Behold, A Lamb Prepared

    Speaker: Kahu Wilfred

    As humans have violated the sacred trust of God and fell into sin, God has promised One who would come and balance the scales of good and evil. And as man continued to turn away from God, God worked to make His promise come true. This morning we’re going to look at how God prepared His precious Lamb to enter the world.

  • Dec 15th

    Behold, A Lamb Provided

    In the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve sinned, God promised a redeemer who would one day come. We have been watching God work to prepare for the coming of His Lamb. And now, on one special night: over 2000 years ago. God’s promise is about to come true. We’re going to learn how the Lamb of God was provided as the Savior of the world.

  • Dec 22nd

    Behold, A Lamb Praised

    As Jesus was only eight days old, he was circumcised as required by Jewish law. And after 40 days from His birth, Mary completed her days of purification and joseph and Mary took Jesus to the temple to be presented and redeemed before the Lord. While there, two old saints, Simeon and Anna met the child and began praising God for Him. We’re going to learn on the matter of why we praise the Lamb of God.

  • Dec 24th

    Christmas Eve Service

    Behold, A Lamb Presented

    Christmas is a time where we reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord. This message isn’t geared towards His birth, but on the purpose of why Jesus was born.  God had a plan. Jesus was promised to Adam and Eve. He was prepared through the miracle of a virgin’s birth. He was provided at His birth in Bethlehem. However, God’s plan of salvation cannot be accomplished without presenting the sacrificial Lamb of God. We’re going to learn how God fulfilled His plan for our salvation through the presented Lamb of God.

  • Dec 31st

    New Year’s Eve Service

    A Fresh Start

    As the New Year approaches, it’s a great time to make resolutions. Many of us want to lose weight and go on a diet. Some want to get healthier by exercising more and some just want to have a new start on life. We want to forget the past and look into a new future. Well, Jesus provided us a chance for a new start in life. We can let go of our past disappointments and look at our new future in Him. We’re going to learn how we can achieve this New Start in life for all eternity.