• July 14th

    "Learning To Release Through Prayer"

    Kahu Charlie Kama

    It's clear to us that Jesus came and walked the earth as a man and as God.  He understood the frailty  of mankind.  We have sinned and others have sinned against us.  We're going to look at how we can release through prayer by actually confessing our sins to God and how we deal with forgiving others who've sinned against us.  Prayer is a time to release.

  • July 21st

    "How We Rely and Celebrate Through Prayer"

    Kahu Charlie Kama

    The Lord's Prayer is modeled prayer by Jesus to help us trust, rely and to take action in prayer. As we learn to honor our Lord who is our Creator, Sovereign Lord, our Provider, and Healer who loves us, we begin to rely and trust God in every request we make unto Him.  Through this trust, we begin to see answers and the victory in our prayers.

  • July 28th

    "God Wants to Speak to You"

    Pastor Alex Pacheco

    Back in the 70’s CB radios were very popular. One of the phrases was “Got your ears on”? That meant, “Are you tuned in” Actually, Jesus said this 200 plus years ago. In Luke 8:8 (NIV) Jesus says, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear” Jesus is saying, “You got the ears, but you need to tune in to Me” Did you know that God wants to talk to you? How to you know wen it’s God talking to you? Do you hear God? Do you know when it’s just you talking to yourself? How do you know when it’s the devil talking? The answers to these questions are found in the bible and it teaches us how to know when it’s God speaking to you and when it’s not.

  • August 2019

    Family and Home Improvements

    The modern family is in a time of crisis. Divorce rates have increased and parents are losing their way along with our children. Families have gone adrift in their immorality, selfishness and discontent There was a time, and it wasn’t too long ago when families acknowledged God, and His word and righteousness ruled in our households..  Families need to return to God and we’re going to learn how we can address dysfunction by providing tools and leading them back to the right path with God.

  • August 4th

    "One Plus One Equals One"

    Kahu Charlie Kama

    As we look at this equation, it just doesn’t add up for us. One plus one does not equal one, but God uses some strange mathematics when he put together a man and women in holy matrimony. He said, “When a man and a women joins in marriage, they shall become one flesh." We’re going to look at how God created the unity of One in our marriages

  • Aug 11th

    Building on a Firm Foundation

    Kahu Charlie Kama

    Whenever you build a building or some sort of structure, you need to be sure the foundation is strong and solid. If not, it won’t take much to destroy the structure and that building will come tumbling down. The same applies to our family structure. We’re going to learn how we can build a strong family foundation by keeping them strong in the Lord.

  • Aug 18th

    Do We Have a Communication Gap?

    Kahu Charlie Kama

    Communication is the true secret to having a successful marriage or family and the way we communicate with one another. Families are losing the ability to communicate face to face.  We are speaking to one another through our cell phones when we are five feet away from each other. We’re going to learn how we can close the communication gap between husbands and wives and parents and children, to help us build stronger marriages and families.


  • Aug 25th

    The Godly Man of the House

    Kahu Charlie Kama

    The bible clearly tells us that the man in the family has the primary responsibility instilling values that represent a Godly family. However, the responsibility has become harder for the man to succeed.  Today men are going through a tremendous amount of societal pressures; especially workplace and financial pressures. Men are tempted with pornography sites, alcohol and drugs, and many Fathers are failing in their Godly responsibilities. We’re going to learn how God can rekindle the man to be the Godly men he created them to be as leaders for our families.