February 2021

  • Feb. 7th

    Kahu Alex Pacheco

    Title Why do we sometimes fail to finish what we start?”  

    There’s a story in the bible, it's the story of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was commissioned by a king to build a wall around Jerusalem.  He took a group of people who were discouraged and had been under slavery for many years and they began to rebuild a wall around Jerusalem.  The bible says in Neh. 4 that halfway through the project, they got discouraged.  They lost heart and they wanted to give up and quit.  Have you found that’s so typical?  We usually get discouraged at the halfway point.  Have you ever started to climb a mountain, get halfway up and all of a sudden you look at how much further you have to go and then you think, enough, I can enjoy the view right here.” Why do we fail to finish what we start?  

  • Feb. 14th.

    Valentines Day message

    Title: “What’s Love got to do with it”

     Valentines is a day we get to share one of the most essential gifts God gave His church; it’s His character of Love. God commands His people to love others as we love ourselves and when we make a vow to love, it’s an everlasting vow. As we learn to love others, it’s important for us to know where love originated from, how we are to use His gift of love and why His love should endures forever. We’re going to learn what God’s  Love has to do with our lives.   

  • Feb. 21st

    Title: “Called to live a life of faith”

    We’re going to look into the life of a man named Abraham. In his early years, God found Abraham, called him and promised to bless him. As we look at his life, we’re going to learn how God called this man to live a life of faith to know God’s will and how we are to respond to the call. 

  • Feb. 28th

    Title: “Committing to a Life of Faith”

    As we look at the life of Abraham, he was the first man called by God to give up family, home and a lifestyle for God, His pilgrimage.  And after God called him into a life of faith, he had to respond by committing his life to believe and trust God or not. We’re going to learn through Abraham how we get to commit to a life of faith in God.