May / June 2020

  • May 17, 2020

    Maintaining my victory for life

    Our lives will be filled with battles, we will face many battles and they’re not only in a physically manner or with other people. Although they may manifest itself in that manner, most of our battles we fight are spiritual in nature. We’re going to learn from the Israelites how to pick up our spiritual weapons to fight our spiritual battles.

  • May 24, 2020

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Becoming a Memorial

    I have often walked into my garage or into the middle of my living room and thought, “what did I come here for” I remember visiting a Kupuna; (Elder) and she was glad to see me, but after a short while, she didn’t remember my name and would excuse herself for forgetting. Forgetfulness can be embarrassing at times, but on Memorial Day, we are called to remember those who have served us and have gone before us. We’re going to learn, how we can become a memorial for Jesus: to pass it on to our children.

  • May 31, 2020

    Missions Sunday

    Special Speaker: Kahu Alex Pacheco

    Title: During crisis; how do you live a life that is pleasing to God?

    “Noah” What can we learn from the life of Noah so that we can bring pleasure to God: especially in this time of crises. Think about what’s going on today in our media. We have an epidemic called the corona virus. We watch the news; we hear people talking about all kinds of stuff. But, I ask you; do you hear anybody talking about God? The bible says during Noah’s time there wasn’t anybody in the entire world who thought about God, accept Noah. God searched the whole world and found one guy who made Him smile. He said “Noah brings pleasure to me." In this crises, don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of great things going on right now. People helping people, a lot of families are bonding, many are being humbled, hero’s, true leaders are rising up. Yes great things are happening. But I want to sound the alarm and point you to our Savior. My whole purpose is to help you remember to depend on God.

  • June 7 2020

    Title: Receiving All of My Blessings

    God has given us over 7000 promises in the bible. But for us as Christians, we are satisfied with the bare minimum. Caleb wasn’t satisfied with the bare minimum, Caleb came to claim as much as he could receive of what God had for him. We’re going to learn how we can be victorious in all God has for us.