August 2020

  • August 2nd

    Special speaker: Kahu Wilfred Sibayton

    Title: Righteousness and Lawlessness

    Today we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that have affected every one of us, whether it may be the inconvenience of wearing a face mask in public, standing in line to enter stores, maintaining social distances, cancelling gatherings, for some, not being able to meet our basic financial obligations. All of this has been hard and stressful at times, we were created for relationships and uncertainty coupled with restrictions have isolated many. And for some, they may have fallen ill and died of COVID-19 or from related medical complications. The world has surely changed during this pandemic; fear and frustration has spurred racism and civil unrest and, in many places, outright rebellion to government, to law and order. What makes it worst, we all look like masked bank robbers as it is harder to tell friend from foe. So, in all of this, what is most important for us, how do we respond well to crisis? What would God want us to do in these times?

  • August 9th

    Special Speaker: Kahu Emma Chong

    Title: The Mission Field

    How we gather together has changed, but our calling has not. We are still on mission, we are still commanded to make disciples. We tend to think of the mission field as a far off place and missionaries as people who have a special calling to go there. We are still the body of Christ, called to be a light to the world, a city on a hill, which cannot be hidden. We are called to love our neighbor and give of our time and resources. Today, in the midst of fear, let us stand on the power of our risen Savior and be on mission right where we are every day.

  • August 16th

    Title: “Walking in God’s Love”

    It is one thing for us to know God’s unfailing love as we come to Him because of His love and grace. But do we really understand His love and are we demonstrating His love to the world in our walk with Jesus. We’re going to learn of God’s love so we can understand it and walk in it as a lifestyle for Jesus.

  • August 23rd

    Title: “Loving Thy neighbor”

    We live in a hard and desperate world where at times, it’s everyone for himself, it’s a dog eat dog world out there. But as Christians, God’s word commands us to love each other, as we would have others love us. We’re going to learn how to love people as through God’s loves for us.

  • August 30th

    Title: “Experiencing Christianity”

    Have you ever asked yourself, what is a Christian and do I consider myself as a Christian. The word Christian is defined as, “One who follows Christ”. I know a lot of people from different religions who claim to be Christians but follow the religion of man than Christ. We’re going to earn how to experience Christianity as one who follows Jesus Christ.